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  • organic sustainable design.
    Each design challenge is planned and handcrafted for success

About Me

Gabrielle Thunen Visual Designer

I'm a freelance designer based in Sonoma County who's been working with a variety of clients for over 13 years. I pride myself on building relationships with customers especially as a freelancer who works by referral or repeat business.

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Gabrielle Semi-Useful Info :)

If I'm not designing, I'm out running, skiing, hiking, coaching youth hoops, reading, scanning design mags, battling the home improvement list, superfluous entertainment trivia and enjoying our beautiful county.

Gabrielle Earth Conscious

I'm committed to reducing my carbon footprint by recycling, composting, driving a clean burning vehicle, eating local, buying local, promoting a healthy lifestyle through diet and exercise an avoiding all flesh except for the occasional fish from the sea.

And I'm proud to annouce that my site is powered entirely by wind energy.

Eco Friendly Site

Why Choose Me?

My goal as a designer is to achieve, design and implement successful projects that exceed expectations. Focusing on the client's goals is my number one priority as well as establishing open lines of communication. My portfolio illustrates my design capabilities as well as my passion for photography. My "stock photos" are free to download.


I approach any project as if I were the customer. What kind of experience was I hoping for?

My goal is to provide stunning and unique web design, branding and photography that capture the attention of the choosiest of users. With so many choices and so little time, even the most knowledgable user needs to wowed the by the authenticity, quality and passion of the design.

It must be brilliant, smashing and exceptional.

Web design

Original design, revamping of your current site or taking a favorite template and making it your own.

Mobile and tablet design

Mobile devices are the go to device now, so I'll design and build for mobile and tablet as well.

Branding and Identity

Hit your target audience on the bullseye with a smashing logo. I'll set up a Facebook page or other social media outlets to further your brand.


Since I can't put my iPhone down and love to photograph just about anything, I also provide brilliant photos for use as well, free of charge. Everybody loves FREE things, right?


An Idea Forms Organize Your Stuff Design and Pitch It Build It Launch It.

An Idea Forms

A lightbulb can be seen over my head. I strive to understand your goals that will build a creative brand in order to reach your audience.

I Organize Your Stuff

Grab all assets neccessary to design and build your awesome, fantastic, smashing site or brand.

I Design and Pitch My Designs

With real people in mind, design an utterly brilliant brand that will knock their socks off or devices out of their hands.

Build It
Build the utterly smashing design or brand that will be easy to update and maintain.

Launch It
Houston, we have lift off. We launch the utterly smashing, brilliant site or brand handcrafted for your success.

My Skills

Let me share some of my interesting skills.

  • Web Design 90%

  • Branding and Identity80%

  • Plays well with others 90%

  • Fishing Afficionado 3%

  • Absolutely patient 91.5%

  • Trigonometry Guru2%

  • Live and breathe design 100%

  • Photography 90%

  • A serious problem solver 93%

Passionate designer

I'm looking to utilize my passion for design to create captivating, fresh design that pushes the bounds of creativity and functionality.

Get In Touch

Please contact me for fresh design help.